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Consulting & Assessment Services: For Insurors, Employers & The Legal Community‎

Independent Rehabilitation Assessment (2nd Opinion)

When current treatment has stalled sometimes a second opinion can help "get things back on track". An Independent Rehabilitation Assessment is intended to provide patients and their stakeholders (family physician, physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, etc.) with an unbiased and objective evaluation to assist in the recovery process.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is used reliably measure the functional physical ability of a person to perform a series of work-related series of tasks. FCE's can be used as the basis fortreatment in rehabilitation, to measure a person's physical abilities before and after a rehabilitation program, to modify rehabilitation treatment, to evaluate whether an injured worker can work and to determine when an individual can safely return to work.

Cognitive Functional Evaluation

A Cognitive Functional Evaluation (CFE) is used to evaluate the work-related executive function for an individual who has experienced an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI). A CFE helps establish feasibility for employment, overall work capacity andand return-to-work goals for people with ABI.

In-Home Functional Evaluation

An In-Home Functional Assessment, as the name implies, is an assessment of a person's ability to is perform activities of daily living (ADL's) in their own home. ADL's often evaluated, dressing, self-care and personal hygiene; household chores, meal preparation, and time management; general mobility and safety in the home. The underlying purpose of the In-Home Functional Assessment is to ensure the home environment is safe for the individual and that any barriers to healthy, productive living are minimized.

Post-Offer / Pre-Employment Evaluation

Intended to ensure safety and reduce injuries at the worksite the Post-Offer / Pre-Employment Evaluation is used to help employers determine if a new hire's physical and cognitive abilities match the demands of the job.

Ergonomic Assessment

From simple office workstation changes to larger scale work process modification our Occupational Therapists can help fit the job to the worker. The Occupational Therapist will identify risk factors and provide a detailed report including recommendations to correct or reduce them.

Job Site Analysis

A Job Site Analysis (JSA) is an objective assessment of the tasks of a job. Performedon the worksite the JSA identifies postures, movements, forces, repetitions, material handling and other demands of each task within a job. The physical environment in which the job occurs is also observed, including work station dimension and layout, equipment, tools, environmental influences and any other factors which affect workers.


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